2022 International Job Fair in Beijing | August 27




Looking for a job in Beijing? Chinese AND non-Chinese are welcome to register and attend IJF2022!

2022 International Job Fair, Beijing, August 27:

BeHive and SCOLAR Network will be hosting the International Job Fair (IJF2022), as part of the HICOOL 2022 Global Entrepreneur Summit! It will be open to local, international talent, and returnees who are interested in new career opportunities working in Beijing.

In this annual job fair in Beijing, you will get the opportunity to:

– Meet face to face with recruiters and HR managers from 20 companies hiring international AND local talent:

  • Pacific Prime
  • Siemens
  • IPR Daily
  • Evoke Electric Motorcycles
  • 89Trillion
  • Beijing Seed International Education Technology Co., Ltd (ASDAN China)
  • Cadence Translate
  • 知觉之门(北京)科技有限公司
  • Venture Education
  • China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)
  • 聪明空气(北京)科技有限公司 |Smart Air Filters (Beijing) Technology Ltd.
  • deugro
  • 智新未来(北京)信息科技有限公司
  • 佛山市万德通企业咨询有限公司北京分公司 (Ventum Consulting)
  • CPC Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
  • Beijing Good Day Technology Co.
  • Zhongguancun Dongsheng International Science Park
  • 中俄数字经济研究中心
  • LC Venture
  • 上海翔爱教育科技有限公司

– Participate in the HICOOL Global Entrepreneur Summit and be inspired by industry leaders from leading tech companies and startups

– Attend practical workshops on storytelling, branding and more topics that can help you choose the right career path for you and find your dream job.



10 am – 11 am: The secret recipe to good storytelling 好故事秘方

Workshop with:

  • Lucy Tong 佟洁琼, Adjunct Lecturer at Tsinghua University

 11 am – 12 pm: Startup VS Corporate Careers: How to Choose Your Path 创业VS就业:如何选择你的职业道路

Panel Discussion with:

  • Angela Zhang, Co-Founder at LATAM CHINA TECH and CSR at BeHive
  • Wahed Ahmadzai, Founder at NHUB and Managing Director at Alumni Talent Alliance
  • Rafael Bekshentayev 拉菲, Digital & Integration Division Account Manager at Schlumberger
  • Cristie Zhao 赵海韵, Founder at RÉSO

 2 – 3 pm: Land your dream job by growing your influence 如何通过扩大影响力找到你理想的工作

Workshop with:

  • Jonas Wolf 郎伟, Founder at LeaDAOship

 3 – 4 pm: 10 million Graduates: How to compete in China’s Job Market 1000万毕业生:如何在中国的就业市场上竞争

Fireside Chat with:

  • Victoria Khu 胡凤兰, Co-Founder & President at SCOLAR Network
  • Billy Huang 黄雷, Senior Director of Consumer Marketing & Communication at LinkedIn China



Feel free to contact our Community Managers for help with finding the venue, joining our event group on WeChat or additional reasons to attend the career fair!

Contact Talha for support in English: WeChat ID (itstalhaha) or phone (+86 13552802136

联系屈佳欣寻求中文支持: 微信 ID (qjx0617loz) 电话(+8618010475617)。



Here are some local pandemic requirements to keep in mind:

1. All participants must submit their personal information in advance of the event, including phone number and passport or ID number.

2. Participants must be in Beijing 5 days before the event (the event is on the 27th, that is, the return to Beijing has to be completed on the 22nd at the latest). Those who do not arrive in Beijing within the specified time will not be able to participate.

3. Nucleic acid test and health monitoring is required before arriving in Beijing. Within 5 days from arriving in Beijing to the time of participating in the conference, it is necessary to complete at least 2 times nucleic test in 3 days.

4. Participants can only get in after showing 48-hours negative nucleic acid test, within Xingchengka (Trip Card) and Jiankangbao (Health Kit for foreigners).

5. Wear masks throughout the venue, please pay attention to social distancing and self-protection.



Have you updated your CV yet? What are you waiting for? Polish your CV, print it out and bring it with you at the venue!

Join IJF2022 to take the next step in your career and grow with us!




Aug 27 2022


9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Aug 26 - 27 2022
  • Time: 9:30 pm - 4:30 am


China International Exhibition Center (New Venue) 中国国际展览中心(新馆)
88 Yuxiang Road, Shunyi District, Beijing 北京市顺义区裕翔路88号

Location 2

88 Yuxiang Road, Shunyi District, Beijing 北京市顺义区裕翔路88号
China International Exhibition Center (NewVenue) 中国国际展览中心(新馆)


  • Angela Zhang 张程程
    Angela Zhang 张程程
    Co-Founder of the LATAM CHINA TECH and CSR at BeHive

    张程程 Angela Zhang is the cofounder of LATAM CHINA TECH. She leverages the knowledge of community building and communication to promote connectivity between China and Latin America through tech and innovation.
    Angela contributes to grassroots entrepreneurship by organizing and facilitating startup weekend events. She also empowers students from underprivileged backgrounds as the social impact program lead of BeHive.

  • Billy Huang 黄雷
    Billy Huang 黄雷
    Senior Director of Consumer Marketing & Communication, LinkedIn China 领英中国品牌及公共关系高级总监
  • Cristie Zhao 赵海韵
    Cristie Zhao 赵海韵
    Founder, RÉSO RÉSO 创始人
  • Jonas Wolf 郎伟
    Jonas Wolf 郎伟
    Founder, LeaDAOship Chief Hackathon Officer, Founders Lair Forbes 30 under 30 创始人,LeaDAOship 首席黑客马拉松官,Founders Lair 福布斯 30 under 30榜

    Jonas Wolf 郎伟 is a Forbes 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneur and a World Economic Forum Global Shaper with a track record of transforming lives by inspiring and empowering people, driving change, growth, and getting results for individuals, startups, and corporations alike. Jonas hosted more than 40 hackathons all over APAC.

    Today, Jonas accelerates the GROWTH of companies and individuals across APAC. He founded LeaDAOship with the mission to grow entrepreneurial leaders through transformational trainings and events.

  • Lucy Tong 佟洁琼
    Lucy Tong 佟洁琼
    Adjunct Lecturer, Tsinghua University 清华大学 全球胜任力中心讲师
  • Rafael Bekshentayev 拉菲
    Rafael Bekshentayev 拉菲
    Digital & Integration Division Account Manager, Schlumberger 斯伦贝谢数字与一体化集团客户经理

    Rafael graduated from Renmin University of China and Sogang University, South Korea with focus on Law and MBA. He is a recipient of TJ Park Foundation POSCO Scholarship for Asia Talents and has a vast experience in Fortune 500 companies, such as Samsung, LG and Schlumberger as well as government agencies such as Embassy of Kazakhstan in China and SEZ “Khorgos-Eastern Gates, working on various projects such as marketing, power plant construction, procurement, consular affairs and investor relations. Besides that, his passion is community contribution and only few of the many his activities are Asian Games Volunteer, KOTRA and Seoul Government Intl Volunteer, President of Student Council of Sogang University, Founder and Head of Board of Advisors HPAIR Astana Team, Vice President of Kazakhstan Skateboarding Association and Vice President of Tim B Fund.

  • Victoria Khu
    Victoria Khu
    Co-Founder at SCOLAR Network

    Victoria Khu is a Russian-born Chinese, Co-founder and President of SCOLAR Network (2017), a platform missioned to connect young leaders from the SCO and Eurasia region. Victoria is an adjunct lecturer at Tsinghua University, teaching English confidence workshops. She is also a TEDx speaker, curator (2022) of the WEF’s Global Shapers Beijing II Hub, first cohort fellow of Tencent THINC Fellowship (2020), co-founder of Russian Student Association in China (2015), and board member of Tsinghua SABRI Student Association. Victoria has received MA from Tsinghua University in Journalism and Communication.

    胡凤兰Victoria Khu,俄罗斯第三代华裔,清华大学新闻传播学院硕士毕业生。她于2017年联合创办上合国家青年平台SCOLAR Network,聚集了来自21个上合组织国家的青年领袖。她是清华大学英文自信表达工作坊讲师。胡凤兰也是TEDx演讲者、达沃斯世界经济论坛全球杰出青年北京社区执委(2022)、在华俄罗斯留学生协会联合创始人(2015)、腾讯THINC Fellowship全球青年领袖社群第一届成员(2020)及清华大学学生一带一路研究协会理事成员。

  • Wahed Ahmadzai 马赫
    Wahed Ahmadzai 马赫
    Founder at NHUB, Managing Director at Alumni Talent Alliance

    Wahed is a serial entrepreneur and community builder based in Beijing, with years of extensive experience in startup management, HR, and communication. He’s the founder of NHUB, one of the first foreign enterprises registered in Beijing Chaoyang Free Trade Zone, and the secretary-general of Alumni Talent Alliance, non-profit entrepreneurship and career guidance service platform for international talents. Wahed is also the Phoenix Youth Ambassador for Chaoyang district, Vice Secretary General of UIBE International Alumni Alliance, and a veteran of the Beijing startup ecosystem, advising local governments on policy, ecosystem management, and how to build inclusive and supportive platforms for talents. So far, Wahed has helped more than 300 international talents find jobs, and helped 20+ talents start their entrepreneurship journey.

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