The China Creative Market: How to Succeed


  • Irina Goncharova
    Irina Goncharova
    Growth Manager at SONG, BeHive Shanghai Community Lead, Certified Coach

    Irina has been studying and working in China for six years, obtaining her master’s degree in Tourism in a Chinese Taught Program at Shandong Normal University. Her experience in the B2B sector as an account manager for local and foreign companies led her to work for an international financial consultancy as a Growth Manager where she takes care of the execution and design of Marketing, BD, and Communication strategies. In January 2020, Irina initiated the BeHive Chapter in Shanghai. As BeHive Shanghai Community Leader, Irina has recruited and led a team of four and held 15+ events with 750+ participants. Irina is also a certified coach and supports expat professionals to overcome the challenges of landing a job in China.

  • Li Zhang
    Li Zhang
    President of RADII China

    Li was born in Luoyang, Henan, China, and she went on to complete a Master’s degree in Contemporary China studies from the University of Oxford with a focus on politics and international relations. After graduation, she moved to South Africa and conducted ethnographical research on China’s soft power influence across continental Africa. Li returned to Shanghai in 2015 to run Oxford Bright Scholars, a non-profit, which enabled international students to better understand China’s economic transformation and political governance structure. As Head of Partnerships, she went on to develop and design a new educational program initiative for Alibaba’s Global eCommerce Talent Program, from its inception to its recognition in 2019’s China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week, where 62 universities are represented with partners across 22 countries. Under Li’s leadership, RADII is transforming into a new media organization that is an influential voice on key social media platforms and releases content that grabs attention and inspires action. RADII’s content has been featured in The New York Times, BBC, The Guardian, TIME, Quartz, and Bloomberg, among other mainstream media platforms.

  • Roland Wen
    Roland Wen
    Business Development Associate at RADII China

    Born in Atlanta, GA, but having spent some of his childhood years in a rural Sichuan village as well as Shanghai, Roland has always had a global mindset growing up. He graduated with a B.S. in business administration and a minor in music industry from the University of Southern California in 2017. Before joining RADII, he worked in business development at a fintech startup in New York, and was a booking manager for an independent Asian American rapper in LA before that. A newcomer to the media industry, Roland now helps RADII build partnerships, generate leads, and develop traditional as well as alternative revenue streams for the company.

  • Thanakrit (Thana) Gu
    Thanakrit (Thana) Gu
    Creative Producer at RADII China

    Hailing from Thailand but having spent his formative years in Shanghai, Thanakrit (Thana) Gu is a Shanghai-based creative. He actually graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University with a degree in medicine, but has since pursued his passions and developed a career as a creative. He’s worked with brands such as Marriott, AirBnB, and Lego, and his photography has been featured on the likes of Quartz. He now works at RADII as a visual editor, directing the visual identity and branding of all of RADII’s visual assets, from logos to Powerpoint templates. He is also RADII’s resident photographer and videographer, capturing powerful footage and moments that help RADII explain modern China to the world.

  • Ying Li
    Ying Li
    HR and Internal Communications Manager at RADII China

    Ying has lived in Beijing, Taiwan, England, and the US, before settling down in Shanghai with RADII. She received her undergraduate degree in Public Relations from East China Normal University, and completed her master’s degree in Human Resources Management & Consulting at the University of Bath in the UK. Throughout her 4 years of experience working within the media industry with people from different cultural backgrounds, she realized the significance of an organization’s internal and external communications. She now works to develop effective communications and HR frameworks for RADII, as well as attract and retain top talent through employer branding and effective internal communications.

Learning Goals

The different paths forward for a creative professional in China

Stand out from the crowd with your application in the creative industry

Understand how to navigate visa/work permit regulations in China


Creative professionals leverage their creativity to excel in their profession. Creative professions can include writing, art, design, theatre, television, radio, motion pictures, related crafts, as well as marketing, strategy, scientific research and development, product development, engineering, some types of teaching and curriculum design, and more.

Interested in embarking on a creative career or project in China? You are in for a treat! BeHive Shanghai and RADII teamed up to bring you a special panel discussion to supercharge your creative career and ideas!

Professionals from RADII, an independent platform of artists, writers and creators dedicated to sharing stories from a rarely explored side of China, will be sharing their tips and insights with us!

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